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Property Loan Advisor is a mortgage brokerage firm.  We help people who wish to build a property portfolio of 5 or more houses, in less than 10 years. Most importantly, we have a 98% success rate of finding home loan options for our clients. Therefore, we focus on consulting with clients and reviewing their financial foundation to source the best loans.

Therefore, whether you are a seasoned investor, first home buyer or looking to improve the structure of your home loan, we can help. Our team has the experience to show you how to use property to grow your wealth and build a property portfolio.

Our CEO, Felicity started Property Loan Advisor having spent a decade buying and selling property.  She saw the limitations offered by the mainstream lenders. As a result, Felicity’s expert knowledge of the financial landscape enables her and her team to assist hundreds of property owners and investors access the right funding options to fulfil their dreams.

At Property Loan Advisor, we understand the common fears and stresses associated with property finance. We educate our clients to view home loans as a vehicle for growing wealth and advise them through the entire loan process. Our clients often comment on how they feel more at ease through the process, and more empowered to achieve their goals. As a result of the advice and guidance from Property Loan Advisor.

Access over 40 years of experience from our dedicated and caring team. Don’t journey alone through the property finance minefield.  Our service is professional and our outcomes are priceless.


Felicity Heffernan - Founder Mortgage Broker

Meet Felicity Heffernan, the visionary founder and CEO of Property Loan Advisor, dedicated to assisting clients in securing financing for their first homes and empowering property investors to cultivate successful portfolios. Felicity’s remarkable journey began with a practical plan and an unwavering desire to delve into property investment, resulting in the acquisition of an impressive 151 houses in just a decade.

As the author of “Extraordinary Property Investing,” Felicity not only shares her inspiring story but also imparts four key principles for achieving success as a property investor. With a burning passion, vast experience, and an innate desire to enhance the lives of those seeking financial independence, Felicity has become a leading figure in the field. A sought-after keynote speaker in Australia and the USA, she captivates audiences with entertaining, engaging, and informative presentations, drawing from her own transformative property investment journey.

Her commitment extends beyond her role at Property Loan Advisor – Felicity serves as a director on the board of the Finance Brokers Association of Australasia, the industry’s peak body and is a staunch advocate for elevating the overall financial competence of Australians. Now, as a mortgage broker, she brings her wealth of knowledge and passion to help clients navigate the intricacies of property finance, making Property Loan Advisor the trusted destination for achieving your homeownership and investment goals.

Sue Williams Credit Analyst

Sue, a recognised professional, has joined Property Loan Advisor, bringing with her a wealth of experience garnered from various industries. A graduate of SCEGGS, Sue furthered her education by pursuing a law degree. Her journey into the world of business began at an early age, working in her family’s hospitality ventures, where her passion for the business world first ignited. Subsequently, Sue successfully managed a sizable market garden business in the Hawkesbury area, followed by a venture into the fencing industry, where she not only ran her own fencing business but also rose to the position of senior manager, overseeing operations of a major fencing company in Newcastle. Sue’s extensive background in business underscore her importance and the depth of her knowledge and expertise.

Eager for a new challenge, Sue set her sights on the dynamic field of mortgage broking. Armed with a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, she now leverages her extensive knowledge and experience to meticulously curate optimal loan solutions for her clients. Sue’s journey is marked by a trajectory of achievement and a commitment to excellence, making her an invaluable asset in the realm of mortgage broking.

Carolyn Cossgrove Office Administration and Customer Service Officer

Carolyn embarked on her professional journey in 1996, immediately immersing herself in her family’s motor mechanic business as a bookkeeper post her high school graduation. It was during this period that Carolyn discovered her affinity for administrative work, finding solace in creating order amidst the chaos. After a commendable hiatus to raise her four children, Carolyn resurfaced in the workforce in 2019, joining Felicity at Property Loan Advisor.

Carolyn’s return to the professional arena brought with it a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of Xero, a skill she adeptly employs in her role. The transition from an industrial workshop to the Property Loan Advisor’s office environment has proven to be not only a preference but a testament to Carolyn’s adaptability. In her capacity, Carolyn meticulously manages all loan reviews, exhibiting a keen proficiency in negotiation with financial institutions to secure the most favourable interest rates for the clients.

Beyond her technical prowess, Carolyn stands out as a born facilitator who derives immense satisfaction from aiding others. Her commitment to preventing unnecessary expenditures for Felicity underscores her financial acumen, further solidifying Carolyn’s pivotal role at Property Loan Advisor. In essence, Carolyn brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a warm, customer-centric approach to her integral position within the organisation.

Joy Bello Loan Writer Assistant

Joy is positive, bubbly, and pleasant.

Back in her uni days, Joy excelled in both academic and extracurricular activities. She became a student leader and represented her batch in different advocacies. She was asked to represent the school in some competitions and even won a few. She also became a student lecturer for a convention that was organised by her school.

At one point in her college life, she became an administration assistant at the university. She assisted in the online and onsite enrolment processes. She also helped the tenured employees with other tasks. All these she accomplished while managing to stay on top of her studies enabling her to graduate with Latin honours.

Joy worked for a travel company in the Philippines. Here, she assisted customers who came in or called in. She trained new staff members. She processed travel documents for customers. She also verified flight availability and booked them for their customers.

Joy is also a great problem solver and multitasker, with a keen eye for detail. She is a great addition to the Property Loan advisor team.

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