Felicity Heffernan



Felicity Heffernan is the founder and CEO of Property Loan advisor, helping clients obtain finance to grow a successful property portfolio.

Felicity Heffernan is a mortgage Broker, property investor, author and renowned thought leader in the field of residential property investment.

Felicity is a remarkable woman who has achieved what most people would consider impossible - she acquired 151 houses in a 10-year period.

Through her Wheel of Wealth program, Felicity specialises in helping aspiring property investors build a property portfolio of 5 or more houses in less than 10 years.

Felicity is also a popular keynote speaker at various property investor groups in Australia and the USA. Her presentations are delivered in an entertaining, engaging and informative way and draws on her own property investing journey sharing the powerful lessons learned along the way.

Felicity is a woman on a mission, her passion, experience and desire to share a system to improve the lives of people who want financial independence.